Will Ianis Hagi Get His Chance Under Michael Beale?

Ianis Hagi is a technically gifted footballer and proved that during the 20/21 season. Does he still have a future at Ibrox? That question seems to be up in the air considering his lack of game time plus not playing from the start against Morton.

When he came on though he looked sharp and bright. He actually looked capable of creating something, which couldn’t be said for the majority of players on the pitch.

Creativity and unpredictability are two of his biggest assets. Those are both qualities that Rangers have lacked so far this season. Which begs the question, will Ianis Hagi get his chance?

20/21 Performance

Yes, it was 3 seasons ago now but it’s the last full season that he had for Rangers. These were the numbers he put up;

  • 33 Appearances (23 Starts)
  • 7G/11A
  • 1 Key Pass Per Game

These were from a combination of playing centrally and from the right. When he’s on form he’s incredibly effective and can create something from nothing.

Being ambidextrous adds to the unpredictability of his play and makes him a nightmare to mark. Technically, he sees passes a lot of the team wouldn’t see and has the ability to pull them off.

18 goal contributions in only 23 starts is excellent, he also only averaged 60 minutes per 90 over the total 33 appearances.

Hagi didn’t start off the 21/22 season in the same form then had that horrible injury. He was then playing catch up upon his return after missing almost a year. He looked miles off of the pace at the end of last season but who could blame him?

He’s then came back to a full preseason and looked impressive in the friendlies and when he came on yesterday. He looks sharper and fitter than he potentially ever has at Rangers. He’s working harder off of the ball and doing everything he can to earn a place in the team.

Ianis Hagi’s Post Match Comments

The 24-year-old Romanian was up in front of the media after the game yesterday and had this to say;

How disappointed were you not to start today?

‘Look, I think every football player wants to play. I am obviously disappointed about the situation that I am [in]. But I respect the gaffers’ decisions. That doesn’t mean that I agree with them, but I respect them. He is the football manager of this football club. You know, I am a simple guy and I just love football. I train 100 per cent on a daily basis, I have come back from a one year injury. They know who I am, they know my history at this football club and what I did. You know, I just want to play football.’

Were you happy with your own performance?

‘I am in no position to prove to anyone anything. They know who I am as a player, they know what I did here when I have played football games. I have won, at this football club, individual trophies and collective trophies. For me, as I said, I am a simple guy. I just love to play football. That is what I did since I started walking as a kid. I am just happy to be on the football pitch, playing, just enjoying my football. This is who I am. I am a simple guy.’

In terms of your own fitness?

‘I never felt better. I never felt better. I knew I needed a full pre-season. I think I am the only player in this team that never missed one session this pre-season plus the start of the season I have been available in everything. I am just really happy with how I am physically. My stats, strength-wise and everything, they are better than prior to the injury so I am in a really good place. Mentally I am in a really good place. Like I said, I just want to enjoy my football.’

He’s always came across as an intelligent person and speaks very well. Based on his history, recent minutes and these comments, do you think he deserves a chance?


I’ve always been a fan of Ianis Hagi. Most of my favourite Rangers players have always been attacking, creative players. He falls into that category.

He’s two footed, can play in multiple positions and is capable of the unexpected. He’s a similar player to Lammers in that sense but he has the ability to play deeper.

A lot of people forget he’s still only 24 and has three years left on his current deal. Do you think he deserved more of a chance?

He’s one of the names that is always linked with a move away, would you sell him? Where do you see Ianis Hagi’s future or where do you hope his future lies?

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You can listen to all of the post match comments from Ianis Hagi here.

3 thoughts on “Will Ianis Hagi Get His Chance Under Michael Beale?”

  1. Hagi should receive more game time. Right now, I’d play him ahead of Lammers. However, with a midfield of Jack, Cifuentes, Rasken and Cantwell, it’s dificult to see where he’d fit in, unless he played as one of the 2 front men.

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