What Rangers Fans Can Expect From Sam Lammers

When Chris Jack tweeted his latest article yesterday, it’s fair to say that Rangers Twitter went into meltdown. Fans seem very excited over the imminent arrival of Jose Cifuentes, are 50/50 over Cyriel Dessers but Sam Lammers is the name which caused the biggest reaction. The article quotes £3m as the going rate for Atalanta’s 26-year-old Dutch forward, which isn’t a lot for a player with his experience at the highest level. The reaction was mostly due to his lack of goal contributions in recent years. He’s been on loan at Empoli and Sampdoria this season and has just two goals and two assists in thirty-four appearances. Purely based on stats, Sam Lammers to Rangers isn’t a move that excites anyone. Let’s look at his stats and beyond though, and see what fans can expect if he arrives at Ibrox.

The Numbers

We’re not exactly starting off strong here, as previously mentioned the Dutchmen only has four goal contributions in 34 appearances on loan at Empoli then Sampdoria. Then looking back at the 21/22 season he started at Atalanta and was then loaned to Frankfurt. He played in 15 Bundesliga, 7 Europa League and 2 Serie A matches and had two goals in 24 total appearances. He was also on the bench as Frankfurt crushed Rangers dreams in Seville, it’s not looking good for Lammers so far.

The 20/21 season he started at PSV before getting his big money move to Atalanta, which was thought to have been worth around €8m. In his first season in Serie A he made 15 appearances and picked up two goals. In his 15 appearances he only played for a total of 278 minutes as he was unable to force his way into the team.

Unfortunately, in the 19/20 season he missed a lot of football due to knee surgery, Rangers definitely know how to pick them. That season, he made 10 appearances, picking up three goals and an assist. You really have to go back to the 18/19 season to see him shine. When he was at Heerenveen he had his best seasons. In 35 appearances he scored nineteen goals and picked up five assists. Although these are very good numbers, you have to go back four seasons to find them.

His career numbers make interesting reading;

  • 253 Appearances
  • 185 90 Minutes (Averaged out over total minutes/total appearances)
  • 81 Goals
  • 205mins Per Goal
  • 33 Assists
  • 146mins Per Goal Contribution

Between spells in Serie A and the Bundesliga, Lammers hasn’t managed to make himself first choice anywhere recently. The lack of minutes definitely contributes to lack of goal contributions, Is he another player who just needs a fresh start and a chance?


Standing at 6’2 you’d be forgiven for thinking he is a target man. He is decent in the air but that’s not his game, he thrives with the ball at his feet. He really fits the old cliche of ‘he’s good with his feet for a big guy’. If there was a Rangers player of recent years I could compare him to it would be Nikica Jelavic. He’s comfortable taking on opponents and has an excellent first touch.

Although not blessed with incredible pace he is no slouch either. Lammers is the type of forward who will be able to get the team up the pitch quickly. He’s always positive and likes to take defenders on off the dribble which helps create chances for himself and others. He’s left footed but also very comfortable using his right, which can make him a nightmare for defenders.

All in all, Sam Lammers is a very technically gifted striker, the type you don’t see often with his frame. His excellent first touch allows him to control the ball and his strength lets him use his body to then roll and turn opponents. He has the ability to get out of tight spaces on his own using his agility and balance. Rangers fans will be surprised by how good he is with the ball at his feet.

He definitely has the ability to be used the same way Beale has used Matondo and Sakala but he is missing the pace that they provide. As I previously mentioned, he isn’t slow, he just isn’t Sakala/Matondo fast. He could also thrive in more of a false nine/ten role due to his ability to create space on and off the ball. He hasn’t had a good time recently, as the numbers suggest. Though I do think there’s definitely a player in there and that Sam Lammers could be great for Rangers.

How Close is His Move to Ibrox?

Speaking in The Herald article, Chris Jack had this to say;

But it is an agreement for Lammers that could be signed and sealed first following positive talks with Atalanta in recent days over a potential £3million switch.

Beale has identified Lammers as one of the additions to add guile and goals to his forward line and Rangers are keen to see the 26-year-old put pen-to-paper.

Chris Jack, The Herald

He is a very reputable journalist, who was first to break the news on Gio’s sacking. Sam Lammers and Cyriel Dessers were linked with Rangers on the same day and it seemed like the Dessers move was gathering the most speed. However, today it seems like Lammers is now the most likely to be in first. Michael Beale is looking to get his business done quickly and that is exciting to see.

My Opinion

I’ve looked over a lot of stats, read a lot of articles and watched some footage on Sam Lammers. I can fully understand Rangers fans trepidation regarding this move. For one, his numbers over the last few seasons have been awful to say the least. Secondly, £3m is, currently, a big outlay for Rangers and this isn’t a window where Rangers can afford to get anything wrong.

One thing I would ask you to consider though is his CV;

  • PSV
  • Atalanta
  • Frankfurt

Myself, among many others, consider these three clubs to work excellently and efficiently in the transfer market. Of course, he hasn’t work out at Atalanta but at one point they considered him good enough to splash out a reported €8m. He seems to be in a similar situation that Todd Cantwell was in. A player touted for the top, that’s fell away but needs a revival.

I think he can get this at Ibrox, I genuinely believe, as did Atalanta and Frankfurt, that there is a good player here. There aren’t many 6’2 forwards who can control and dribble the ball the way he can. If he does arrive though, I do think fans will expect a quick start, going by social media today he’s already starting on the back foot. I see a Nikica Jelavic in him and I would always have a striker of that mould in my team.


If you’re not hyped by his rumour, I get it. If you are hyped by this rumour, I also get it. All we can do as Rangers fans is wait until he arrives and see how he does then. A Dutch striker coming to Ibrox, what could go wrong? Are you excited by the prospect of Sam Lammers at Rangers?

Further thoughts on Sam Lammers here.

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