What Could Rangers Fans Expect From Pascal Jansen?

Reports have suggested that AZ Alkmaar manager Pascal Jansen may be interested in becoming the next Rangers manager. The 50-year-old has two and a half years managerial experience in the Eredivisie. Is that enough?

Pascal Jansen’s AZ Alkmaar in the Eredivisie this season;

7 GP 6W/1D

20 Goals Scored

3 Goals Conceded (2nd fewest after PSV)

His squad has an average age of 23.5 and he’s helped develop the likes of Sam Beukema (Bologna), Miloš Kerkez (Bournemouth) and Tijjani Reijnders (AC Milan) in recent seasons.

He also got them to a European Semi-Final last season.

Could he be the guy for Rangers?

Managerial Career so Far

Pascal Jansen stepped up from PSVs B team to take the AZ job as his first in senior management. In his time at the Eredivisie side, these are his stats;

  • 145 Matches
  • 87 Wins
  • 23 Draws
  • 35 Losses
  • 410 Goals Scored
  • 265 Goals Conceded
  • +145 Goal Difference
  • 60% Win Rate

In his time as AZ manager he’s led them to a 3rd place finish in his first season. The following season they finished 5th and last season they finished 4th.

As mentioned above, they current sit 2nd this season and are the only other team with PSV to be unbeaten in the first 7 matches.

He isn’t exactly the ‘serial winner’ that Rangers fan are after. However, he’s managing a team who are currently punching above their weight domestically. They have an average age of 23.5 which shows the focus on player development.

If nothing else, he’s a very interesting option.


Pascal Jansen sets his team up in a standard Dutch style 433. Sometimes it plays/looks more like 4231 though. One thing that could be an issue in him coming to Rangers, is the players available.

He likes his wingers to invert and play inside while the fullbacks overlap. Rangers barely have any wingers and don’t have the most athletic fullbacks, so could he adapt his philosophy to this current squad?

Jansen is always looking to create space for the wide players to exploit. Whether that be the overlapping fullback or the winger hugging the touchline at times. A lot of the play is dependant on being athletic and creative on the wing, something this current Rangers side may struggle with.

Defensively, AZ don’t intensely press their opponents. He likes the team to keep its shape for the most part. Then the players pick and choose the right time to press and gain the ball back.

This comes from a good understanding of the game and the opposition. Tactical flexibility is also something Jansen is renowned for. His ability to read the play and change up the attacking style when it’s not working has helped AZ get to where they are now.

The current Rangers team doesn’t suit his style perfectly so that could be a worry. How adaptable is his philosophy and could he get the best out of the current players? He’d have to be given a chance to show that.


Pascal Jansen is an interesting one. He’s currently at a club that is run incredibly well and recruits top, young talents every season. It’s difficult to tell whether he’s a good coach in a good situation, or just a good manager in general.

He’s never managed at senior level outside the Alkmaar bubble. It would be a big risk bringing him in, especially as he hasn’t won anything in his short managerial career.

That being said, he’s managed to break the ‘big three’ once already and AZ are on course to do the same this season. He’s also a manager that’s prepared to give youth players a chance and plays attractive football.

Is he too much of a project for you or does his current work in The Netherlands excite you?

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