The Latest on Glen Kamara

The latest exclusive by Chris Jack suggests Rangers have set a price tag of £5m for 27-year-old Glen Kamara. The article suggests there is strong interest from France, Italy and the English Championship.

There have been suggestions that Southampton could be targeting him as a replacement for James Ward-Prowse. It seems unlikely they Ward-Prowse will stay at the relegated side and would re-unite Kamara with best mate Joe Aribo.

Michael Beale’s Thoughts

The manager had this to say on Kamara’s situation;

For Glen, everything is open really. He is either going to be here for a considerable future or we will probably sell him this summer.

I think he needs to look at the competition that’s here in pre-season and decide whether there is going to be enough football for him. It’s not my sole decision.

It’s the decision of the board and everyone in between to make sure we make Rangers stronger and take us in a positive direction over the next three to five years.

Michael Beale

Considering Kamara’s performances this season, particularly against Hearts at Ibrox, it’s clear he’s downed tools. He’s not the player he was in the Europa League or when Gerrard was at Ibrox.

Going by these comments, it seems like the simple thing to do is sell.

Glen Kamara’s Thoughts

Speaking to Finnish outlet he had this to say;

I played quite a lot in the beginning. I knew him well from the time he was here before and we had a good relationship. I don’t really know what to say. I don’t want to say too much.

I know what he thinks about me and he knows mine. Since we had our conversation a few months ago, I haven’t gotten any game time at all.

Glen Kamara to

Interesting words (translated from Finnish, Incase of any errors) from Kamara. He didn’t detail what was said in the conversation with Michael Beale but it had to have been surrounding his future.

Post World Cup he’s either not been in the team or under performed when he has been involved.

My Thoughts

Glen Kamara has never truly been suited to Scottish football. That’s not to say he’s never performances domestically, of course he has. The point I’m making though is you seen how effective he was in the Europa League run. Those performances made it look like he could play for anyone.

The calmness and composure on the ball in high pressure situations was truly outstanding. He also has really quick feet to help him get away from tricky situations.

The Glen Kamara of that period is worth treble the quoted price of him now. That being said, if Rangers can get £5m for him in his current form, they should be biting the buying clubs hand off.


If he goes to France or Italy he’ll undoubtedly thrive given the style of football in those nations. He is genuinely capable of playing at the top when he’s in the zone.

Formerly a £10m+ plus player, he didn’t hit his previous performance levels last season. Which means, as previously mentioned, Rangers should be jumping at a £5m bid.

As much as he wasn’t sold at the height of his value, we’re still looking at a £50k player being turned into a £5m one. That’s excellent business and indicative of the player trading model the club are trying to implement.

If it were me, I’d be accepting bids of £3m upwards. Glen Kamara has undoubtedly played his last game for Rangers, so thank you, and good bye. How you do you feel about this transfer story? What would you deem an acceptable price for the Finland international?

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  1. He should have left a year ago or earlier. Almost wasted his best years with Gio-ball, but fortunately he will still be able to play proper football somewhere else in top-5 leagues.

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