Rangers vs St.Mirren: Defensive Frailties Strike Again.

Despite the game ending in a comfortable 5-2, Rangers defensive errors could’ve cost them points yesterday and it’s the same mistake which are being repeated, again and again. There’s a weakness about some of the tackles being put in and a lack of concentration/awareness when it comes to loose balls. There are basic defensive actions and Rangers are failing to deal with them time after time.

Let’s look at the goals yesterday and the errors involved before the ball with the net. The first goal starts on a Rangers breakaway, Cantwell had the ball and with Barisic making the overlap being the obvious option he decided to curl a weak shot straight at the goalkeeper. He then doesn’t get back into position, which the manager raised after full time, and St. Mirren get the ball up the pitch.

The ball ends up out on the right wing and Raskin isn’t quick enough in closing down the cross. The cross comes in, the ball deflects up into the air and Tillman is caught ball watching as O’Hara brushes past him, controls it and fires a wonderful volley past McGregor. For St. Mirren it’s a goal of the season contender but there were so many, small individual errors from Rangers players which could have prevented it from happening.

The second goal starts with Ben Davies being weak in a tackle against Curtis Main. The Rangers defender really should’ve been more aggressive in this tackle and made sure the ball went out for a throw in but instead it broke back to Main who whipped the ball into the middle of the pitch to continue the attack.

The ball ends up out on the left, the cross was deflected into the box then hoofed into the air. Souttar then wins the header but it found O’Hara on his own at the edge of the box and it was another good finish into the corner from the midfielder. Again though, the Rangers players need to be doing better, another goal which was easily preventable.

Aside from last weekend, these defensive errors haven’t cost Rangers any points under Michael Beale, so far. These are the same mistakes which were being made under GvB and that’s a massive issue.

These are things that fans will be hoping are ironed out for next season. Michael Beale has got a huge pre-season ahead and these defensive frailties have to be near the top of his list of things to improve over the summer.

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