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It’s all well and good looking at goals and assists per appearances. However, depending on the minutes players have played, it’s not always an accurate representation of their effectiveness. Rangers have had three players who have mostly played through the middle in the Scottish Premiership, Danilo, Dessers and Roofe.

This article will take a look at their numbers Per90 which will highlight how effective they’ve been in their minutes on the pitch. Let’s start with Kemar Roofe.

Kemar Roofe Per90

Kemar Roofe has made six appearances domestically, with four starts, scoring one goal in 292 minutes. How do those numbers look Per90 though?

  • 0.31 Goals
  • 1.23 Shots
  • 68.3% Pass Accuracy
  • 0.92 Chances Created
  • 0.31 Successful Dribbles
  • 2.77 Touches in the Opposition Box
  • 0.31 Fouls Won
  • 36.4% Duels Won
  • 3.39 Recoveries

Kemar Roofe has always been considered one of, if not the best, finisher at the club. His domestic numbers this season however, do not match that claim. Fans had been clamouring for his return to the first eleven but, in all honesty, he’s disappointed so far.

Considering this is his contract year, he’s not looked deserving of an extension. In previous seasons, despite his injury issues, he’s always had good goalscoring numbers to warrant having excitement around his return.

This time though, that hasn’t been the case. Do you think he has a future at the club? Or would you let his contract expire?

Cyriel Dessers Per90

Cyriel Dessers has four goals in eleven total appearances, with nine starts. He’s played a total of 662 minutes so let’s look at his stats Per90;

  • 0.54 Goals
  • 4.08 Shots
  • 72.9% Pass Accuracy
  • 1.63 Chances Created
  • 0.68 Successful Dribbles
  • 8.70 Touches in the Opposition Box
  • 0.27 Fouls Won
  • 31.3% Duels Won
  • 2.18 Recoveries

One thing that can’t be faulted is his effort on the pitch, most of the time. There are times where he looks like a good quality striker but there are also other times he looks amateurish. At times he struggles to stay on side and has missed a few big chances.

A ‘few’ is being very generous actually, currently, Dessers has missed eleven ‘big chances’ averaging one per game. That is, quite frankly, unacceptable for a Rangers striker, especially one that over £4m was spent on.

How have you felt about his performances in a Rangers shirt so far?

Danilo Per90

Danilo’s Rangers career was a bit stop-start at first. Under Michael Beale he wasn’t first choice through the middle then he had that horrific injury in Perth.

Since then though, he’s been brilliant, as you may expect from the big money signing of the summer. The 24-year-old Brazilian has excited fans with his play up top and hopefully his form continues.

Here are his numbers Per90;

  • 1.06 Goals
  • 7.39 Shots
  • 68.8% Pass Accuracy
  • 2.11 Chances Created
  • 1.85 Successful Dribbles
  • 11.1 Touches in the Opposition Box
  • 1.06 Fouls Won
  • 43.1% Duels Won
  • 6.60 Recoveries

In terms of a leading man, he’s exactly what Rangers need. He presses defenders, gets in behind and links up well.

He’s not been as clinical as he could be so far but he’s just getting up to 100% fitness. He had six ‘big chances missed’ in nine total Scottish Premiership appearances.

When it comes to striking options, in my opinion, he’s far and away the main man.


Those numbers make for some very interesting reading. With Roofe’s numbers being unexpectedly poor. Dessers numbers are pretty much as expected and Danilo’s are very impressive.

Do these numbers prove that Danilo is the #1 option? Are Roofe and Dessers numbers what you expected them to be?

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