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Michael Beale has given Rangers fans an update on Kemar Roofe’s injury situation. The manager knows Roofe all too well after his success in the 20/21 season. Unfortunately, since then, his availability for Rangers has been poor. In fact, he only managed 148 minutes on the pitch this season. In those minutes though, he scored two goals. That averaged out at a goal every 74 minutes, which is incredible. This would obviously be tough to sustain over a full season, but shows his goal scoring prowess.

There has never been any doubt over his ability, just his availability. A fit Kemar Roofe starts almost every game for Rangers. It’s also probably true that, had he not had injury issues, he wouldn’t be at Ibrox.

Injury Update

Recently on social media he posted videos of himself in the gym;

It’s massively encouraging to see him getting the work in early. He hasn’t had enough football this season to be jaded so this will probably be the longest pre-season of his career. He’s had the operation on his hip which has hopefully sorted out some issues. Now, all he needs to do is get fit and he’ll be important for Rangers. Michael Beale had this to say;

Having Kemar fit and available would certainly be a bonus. We decided for him to go and have the hip operation that has been troubling him for a long period of time to see if that solves the issues he has been having.

He is back out running now so will start pre-season with the team

Michael Beale

Going by the managers comments fans can expect to see him in the upcoming friendlies. He seems determined to prove his worth to the team and that’s something everyone should be excited about. A fit and focused Kemar Roofe could be key in Rangers getting the title back.

Managers Opinion

It’s clear Michael Beale has a good connection with the Jamaican striker from his previous spell at the club. He’s spoken previously about his disappointment of not being able to have him on the pitch more often. In the 20/21 season he was key to Rangers winning that prestigious 55th title. In twenty-four appearances he scored fourteen goals and got four assists. Those are incredible numbers and that averaged out at a goal contribution every ninety-two minutes. How could you not rate a player who provides you with that?

Speaking in the most recent interview, the manager has this to say on the thirty-year-old;

He [Roofe] was our top goal scorer in the year we won the league but it is important that he shows when he comes back that he can be the player we know.

I was here when we signed him and he is a heck of a player. He has missed out on a lot of international games and big games for Rangers as well. Kemar is a really strong-willed guy, a really tough exterior, but you have got to make sure that he is in a good place

Michael Beale

Strong words from the gaffer and comments Roofe should take heed of. Hearing Michael Beale say how highly he rates while also saying he needs to prove he’s still that player is a positive for fans as it shows there are no favourites anymore, every spot must be earned.

What Kemar Roofe Can Provide

It’s been so long since he had a consistent run of games some fans have probably forgotten how good he can be. The fact is that he is the best finisher at the club and one of the most intelligent players, on the pitch, we have. This intelligence is displayed in the runs he makes and his positioning. He knows where he needs to be to get goals and knows exactly when to make runs and when to hold his position.

Kemar Roofe is a naturally gifted finisher, his positional play plus finishing ability is what gets him goals. Is he still capable of all of those things though? Will Rangers really be getting the same player back after his operation? These are his numbers for Rangers;

  • 78 Appearances
  • 36 Goals
  • 6 Assists
  • 114mins Per Goal
  • 97mins Per Goal Contribution

These are truly incredible numbers and it really is a shame he hasn’t been available more often. It should go without saying that, if he remains fit, he’s a twenty goal a season striker. That should never be in doubt. These numbers really shouldn’t be underestimated. For him to have kept up these numbers over 78 games is excellent, really top level stuff, albeit he hasn’t been able to sustain his fitness the way he has his goal scoring. Basically, what these numbers prove, is that a fit Kemar Roofe is Rangers best striker. At this time though, as Michael Beale alluded to, it remains unclear if he will be the same player upon his return. Obviously, the hope is that the hip operation will fix his niggling issues, at this point though, that remains to be seen.

All things considered, having a player of his quality in the squad can only be a positive for Rangers. If the club can win back the title as a result of his return to fitness then it will be interesting to see what happens with his contract situation. Given that he only has a year remaining on his current deal and has had major injury issues over the last couple of seasons, Rangers only option is to get him fit and contributing.

Provided that he gets back to full fitness and is over his injury issues, are you excited about the prospect of his return? Can Kemar Roofe be a key figure in helping Rangers get the title back?

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