Rangers Contribution to The UEFA Country Ranking.

Despite a complete capitulation in the group stages in the Champions League this season, Rangers have done a large amount of the heavy lifting in regards to Scotland gaining points in the UEFA Country Ranking table. Numbers posted by SwissFootballData show which teams have contributed the most points to their country over the last five seasons and, unsurprisingly, Rangers rank pretty highly.

In fact, there are only five clubs in the whole of Europe who gained more points for their country than Rangers did. The five clubs above the Ibrox side are ;

1. Manchester City

2. Ajax

3. Bayern Munich

4. Dinamo Zagreb

5. PSG

Then Rangers come in at the number six spot, pretty impressive company.

In the past five seasons, which these numbers are gathered over, Scotland have gained a total of 36.4 points. In that time Rangers, on their own, have gained 18.13 meaning that they have contributed a huge 49.79% of Scotland’s total points.

These points mostly come from the clubs incredible run to get to the Europa League Final last season but also from coming through the Champions League qualifiers this term.

Contributing almost 50% of a nations total points, over five years, truly is a magnificent feat and the club should be applauded all around the country for dragging the points up and being the reason Scotland currently has two Champions League spots.

Comparatively, the other team in Glasgow contributed 33.24% of Scotland’s total points. That’s a huge number compared to the rest of the SPFL clubs but still some way behind Rangers.

Rangers deserve massive credit for dragging up Scotland’s points due to impressive European performances. Rumours from the other side of Glasgow recently suggested that they had done some of the heavy lifting but, thankfully, these numbers can put those rumours safely to bed.

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