Rangers Are Heading in The Right Direction But Some Things Have to Change

There were positives from the Old Firm performance at the weekend but also some glaring issues that, if improved, could see the ‘gap’ between the clubs vanish.

The biggest thing that needs to change is Rangers lack of ability to force half-chances. As highlighted by the break with Kent and Morelos when neither wanted to have a shot and a promising attack came to nothing. There seems to be a real fear at times to just take the shot and instead wait for a better chance.

This is something which they don’t do, their forwards will take snapshots and shot without their being a clear site at goal and that is why there’s a huge disparity in the goal difference. They have scored 98 goals compared to Rangers 76 and that is part of the reason why.

The goal disparity is also a reason Rangers dropped so many points under GvB, the unwillingness to take a shot at goal is part of the reason the gap is as big as it is and it was shown on Saturday, again.

Another thing which needs to change and hopefully will when Beale gets together a team of players he wants is the decision making in attacks. Not just the lack of urgency to get a shot away but continually picking the wrong pass or going backwards instead of going forward.

Rangers need to become more relentless which involves quickly getting the ball forward then continuing to press high to cause constant pressure and force mistakes. This happened at times in the Old Firm but Rangers weren’t consistent enough with it for it to be a constant problem for them.

If Michael Beale can sort out these issues then Rangers should be going into every game with zero fear and the mindset of being able to put three or four goals past any side.

These look like things he’s been working on and it was apparent, at times, on Saturday, more consistency with these aspects and Michael Beale’s Rangers will be a force to be reckoned with.

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