Rangers A-Z: Keep or Sell? J-L

The latest instalment of keep or sell looks at Ryan Jack, Glen Kamara, Leon King, Ryan Kent, Tom Lawrence, Alex Lowry and John Lundstram!

J – Ryan Jack – One of Rangers most consistent performers and someone who definitely ‘gets it’. This would be a no brainer if fitness wasn’t an issue but unfortunately, it has been his whole Rangers career.

Depending on the wage demands he could still be worth keeping around. He’s consistent when he’s on the pitch and counts towards the home grown quota.

Verdict – Keep.

K – Glen Kamara – A player with undoubted ability that really just isn’t suited to the Scottish game. Thrived in the Europa League run last term but hasn’t shown up this season.

Looks like he’s going through the motions on the pitch and he’s a player the club would definitely get interest in. He won’t sell now for what he would’ve at the start of the season but should still bring the club in a few million.

Verdict – Sell.

Leon King – The young centre back was thrown in at the deep end at the begging of this season and faced some undeserved criticism. Definitely not ready for the level he was playing at but he did show that he’s a player potentially capable of making it there.

Hasn’t seen any first team football since the new year but deserves a chance to show what he’s learned from this season.

Verdict – Keep.

Ryan Kent – This answer may have been different before the last two OF games.

Looks like he’s downed tools and wants to be elsewhere. Appreciate what he’s done for the club but time to move on.

Verdict – Sell (Release)

L – Tom Lawrence – Another one on the physio table. A massive shame as he looked really promising in his handful of appearances.

Two goals and one assist in five SPFL appearances is good going for someone who was getting used to new surroundings. A Welsh international with a wealth of experience, he deserves the chance to show what he can fully do.

Verdict – Keep.

Alex Lowry – A potential generational talent. He’s had injury and personal struggles this term so may not play the rest of the season.

Should he fully integrated to the first team for pre season with a few to getting more minutes next season.

The sky is the limit with Lowry and as fans we just need to hope everything falls into place after the summer.

Verdict – Keep.

John Lundstram – A really difficult one. Once hailed as the ‘best on earth’ his form fell off a cliff at the beginning of this season. He looked more like his Europa League self in the semi-final but can he keep that up?

A player who’s wages are probably too high to just be a squad player, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if a bid comes in.

Tough one for the manager as he’s shown before he has ability just not consistently enough.

Verdict – Sell (For at least £2-3m)

Do you disagree with any of the verdicts? Would you keep Lowry and King around the first team next season or loan them out?

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  1. Tommy Macallister

    Alex Lowery keep young and keen, Glen kamara move on get good price for him ,John lumbstram move on ,Leon king keep Ryan jack Tom Lawrence move on no good being good pkayer and nit be on park move them on Ryan Kent. Outboot out

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