Rangers A-Z: Keep or Sell? D-F

The next instalment in keep or sell will look at Ben Davies, Steven Davis, Adam Devine and Fashion Jr!

D – Ben Davies – It’s fair to say he’s been out of form recently without Goldson partnering him. He looked back to his usual self at the weekend with a composed performance in which he rarely looked trouble. That blip in form gave a lot of fans doubts about his reliability, especially if he can only play with one other Rangers CB.

A player who had been consistent all season up until the game at Parkhead and now a lot of the support have written him off. His price tag probably has a lot to do with the criticism as fans expect no mistakes from a £4m CB.

Davies is a good quality player and adds depth to the squad, but could a fee of around what Rangers paid tempt the club to get rid?

Verdict – Keep (Unless a bid of £5m+ comes in)

Steven Davis – An absolute icon at the club and it’s a shame his season ended the way it did. There’s been no word yet but there is the thought that the injury and time out could signal the end of his playing career.

He deserves a great send off for what he’s done in his time at the club but that time should be over, in a playing capacity at least.

Verdict – Sell (Release)

Adam Devine – The young full back impressed out of position when Borna Barisic was away on international duty. He hasn’t really been seen since Barisic’s return though so it still remains unclear whether Beale fancies him or not.

He hasn’t had a chance to perform in his natural position at RB and there’s not another back up for Tavernier so maybe he’ll some minutes towards the end of the season.

Verdict – Keep.

F – Fashion Jr – Erratic, frustrating and inconsistent, yet in 24 SPFL appearances (17 starts) he has 8 goals and 7 assists. Fans had previously been happy to embrace the anarchy of his footballing ability but after missing two open goals in consecutive Hampden appearances again them, that acceptance has turned.

The opinion on the Zambian has drastically changed in recent days and while never considered good enough to be first choice, he was always considered to be handy as a squad player who will put up numbers.

After Sunday though, social media turned on the Rangers forward and now many fans want to see him leave this summer. His numbers are still excellent but it’s easy to see why fans are frustrated with him, his composure and consistency hasn’t improved since he came to the club. He’s still as unpredictable as his first day at the club and that lack of profession is concerning.

He’s not at the ability level the club want going forward but his numbers are genuinely hard to ignore. One of the more tricky decisions to make at this stage not knowing who will be coming in next season.

Verdict – Keep (unless a bid of £2.5m+ comes in)

Who would you keep from this list?

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