James Bisgrove Claims he Wants Rangers to be ‘Visible And Outward Facing’ in Interview With RTV

The new Rangers CEO done an exclusive interview with RTV last night. Fans had been wanting to hear more from from the board and this thirteen minute interview gave us more than we probably thought we would get.

If there’s anything fans have been demanding recently, apart from new players, it’s been communication and transparency from the board. This interview and the quarterly CEO fan forums are a massive step in the right direction.

He repeatedly came back to the relationship between himself, John Bennett and Michael Beale and how strong it was. It was really encouraging to hear that they’re all on the same page with their vision for the club.

He spoke about the facilities with news of an upgrade in the disabled facilities which fans had been anticipating for a while. He also briefly mentioned safe standing and how that was an area he personally wanted to revisit. Better facilities and access for disabled fans is huge, as is willing to try and push for safe standing zones. Two things fans of the club have been championing for over the last few years.

He also mentioned recruitment extensively and spoke about how the board were aligned with Michael Beale and John Park’s vision for the squad next season. No numbers were discussed but he said they would be backed by the board to put out a team which can get back to being the best in Scotland.

The comments were encouraging as it seems like the recruitment team will get exactly who they want to come on. Bisgrove also spoke about the player trading model and how some players had to leave. He spoke directly about being in dialogue with clubs over certain players and that there had to be some outgoings to support the incomings.

He claims the club are well ahead of the game when it comes to the aforementioned incoming transfers. Dialogue and discussions seem to be ongoing and often as they look to bring in new players are quickly as possible. This is sure to excite fans as it doesn’t seem like they’ll need to wait till deadline day to see what the new team will look like out on the pitch.

He also reiterated the point of having a two way dialogue between fan groups and the board. This can only be encouraging as transparency is what the fans have been demanding and it finally seems like it’s coming to fruition.

What did you think of James Bisgrove’s first interview after being announced as the future CEO?

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