Jack Butland to Sign For Rangers as he Prioritises First Team Football Over Manchester United Pay Day

Reports from varying sources last night claimed Jack Butland had dropped his wage demands so Rangers could secure his signing. The reports suggested that he was choosing first team football over the wages offered by Manchester United.

This could be a massive coup for Rangers. Despite having limited first team football over the last couple of years, he’s still an ex-England international. He’s played at the highest level of English football and was once considered one of the best young goalkeepers in the world.

That type of ability doesn’t just disappear, especially with goalkeepers. There’s less of a need for constant game time when it comes to a goalkeepers performance. With a full pre-season there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be raring to go come day one of the new campaign.

In goalkeeping terms, Jack Butland should just be coming into his prime at 30 years old. This represents a great chance for Rangers to swoop in, especially when he’s available on a free. When players of his quality that have played at the highest level, become available, for free, you can’t turn that down.

Angela Smith from BBC Stoke spoke to Derek Clark at the Rangers Review this week. She spoke very highly of Butland, saying he kept himself in excellent physical condition. She also said he commands his box very well, something Rangers haven’t been used to in recent years. Another encouraging statement was how good his communication is with the defence. A lot can be said about Allan McGregor’s performances this year but his communication skills can never come into question. Communication is key for a goalkeeper and it’s encouraging to hear that he will carry on from McGregor in that regard.

All positives so far, experienced goalkeeper with EPL and international experience available on a free? Great! What does that mean for Robby McCrorie though? The academy graduate hasn’t put a foot wrong in any of his four appearances for the first team. In fact, he’s kept clean sheets and made crucial saves in all of those games. Is going for this profile of keeper unfair on him?

It’s fair to assume that Jack Butland isn’t coming to Rangers to fight to be number one. Especially after reports suggesting he’s willing to take a pay cut to guarantee first team football. So that leaves Robby McCrorie and Jon McLaughlin on the sidelines. McCrorie presumably steps up to second choice and McLaughlin will potentially be sold.

How do you feel about this situation? Was Robby McCrorie ready to be Rangers number one or are you happier a more experienced goalkeeper is coming in?

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