If Rangers Decide to Sell, What do You Think is a Fair Price For Fashion Sakala?

Reports have again surfaced linking Burnley to a move for Fashion Sakala. The Zambian has caused frustration at times throughout the season but his numbers have still been crucial to not falling further behind Celtic.

Going forward there seems to be a sense that, if the price is right, fans wouldn’t mind moving the 26 year old on. As good as his numbers have been, quality isn’t guaranteed with him, that’s where the frustration lies. A lack of consistency in his end product is what will stop him progressing and kicking on to the next level.

Let’s look at his SPFL numbers for this season though;

  • 26 Appearances (19 Starts)
  • 9G/7A
  • 174mins Per Goal
  • 11% Goal Conversion Rate
  • 1.5 Key Passes Per Game

Of all Rangers players to play as a number nine this season he has the lowest goal conversion rate. He also averages more shots than any other Rangers striker and had missed 11 ‘big chances’.

16 goal contributions in 29 total appearances is terrific on paper. It passes the data test but Sakala flatters to deceive when it comes to the eye test. Those 11 ‘big chances’ missed are huge, those numbers are also only from the SPFL so don’t count the open goals twice at Hampden against Celtic.

The reality with Sakala is, if he were a better and more composed finisher there’s a chance Rangers could’ve had two trophies this year, instead of none. Those were guilt edge chances no Rangers forward should be missing. Even if you forgive the first one for the tightness of the angle, the second one was worse!

Sakala causes problems for defenders with his pace and unpredictability every time he plays. At times though, he himself can’t even predict what’s coming next. Given the opportunity there’s no doubt he will get numbers, he just doesn’t have the end product consistently enough to be a Rangers starting forward.

In January the rumoured fee that Burnley were willing to pay was around £3m. Would you take that for Fashion Sakala or would you try and get more? Considering his profile and numbers from this season £3m could be seen as a fair price. Burnley are going to the EPL though, so there’s a chance upping the fee to around the £4m+ mark could be viable.

Do you want him to stay or would you be happy for the club to let him go?

2 thoughts on “If Rangers Decide to Sell, What do You Think is a Fair Price For Fashion Sakala?”

  1. I would definitely sell him.
    His ball control is terrible.
    The money that we get for him would probably go towards getting a proper striker.
    Wright is a far better player, but he needs more playing time.

  2. Tommy Macallistrr

    I think we should hold onto Sakala he gives his all and under Beale is progressing more he plays better he will,be

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