Ianis Hagi: The Conundrum

Ianis Hagi is an incredibly gifted footballer, great vision, superb range of passing, quality from set pieces and is also ambidextrous. He is also very likable, comes across well to the press, loves Rangers and the fans ‘Ibrox baby, it’s just different!’ and comes from famous lineage. Does that make him the most sellable asset at the club?

It’s no secret that an overhaul of the playing squad is needed at Ibrox this summer and that will have to include selling players to bring in more funds to finance some of these deals. So that’s where the question comes from, is Ianis Hagi the most sellable asset at Rangers? Currently twenty-four years old and a full international that has yet to hit their peak, along with the obvious technical ability has lead to transfermarkt.co.uk valuing him at €‎7m and any offers around his region may be too good for Rangers to turn down.

Let’s look at what Hagi offers by comparing his best season at Rangers, the famous 20/21 55th title winning season to his playing time since then;

He produced impressive numbers in his first full season in 20/21 and was a key player in helping Rangers secure that coveted 55th title. Not far off of a goal contribution every other game for a player who was only twenty-two at the time are numbers which deserve huge plaudits.

His performances since then may not seem to be at the same level as that season but his numbers in all stats improved, with sixteen less games played it’s unclear if he could’ve matched his G/A numbers but the numbers everywhere else have gotten better. Maybe it’s him becoming more comfortable within the team but from the 21/22 season until now Hagi is attempting riskier passes and dribbling more but also doing both with a higher success %. Really interesting stats considering it’s widely thought that Hagi hadn’t improved since the 20/21 season but the numbers suggest the opposite.

Rangers previously didn’t have many players capable of carrying the ball and carving open defences the way he could but with the addition of Tillman and now Cantwell and Raskin, is he needed as much? There is plenty of competition for that number eight role Beale has suggested he would slot into with Cantwell currently being the first choice and looking undroppable at the present moment. So where does Hagi fit?

Does he still fit in? Is he a player Rangers need to hold on to? Rangers used to lack quality creative players but now that isn’t the case, is Hagi sellable? With his age, the quality he is capable of providing and his brand he is currently the most sellable asset at a club who need massive changes in the summer, so will he go?

Do you think he should be sold and what do you consider a fair price for the Romanian international?

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