How Rangers Can Beat Celtic.

The last three meetings at Parkhead have ended with an 8-1 aggregate score to them, the biggest mistake made over those games? Showing them too much respect.

They don’t deserve that respect, they don’t respect Rangers so why, at times, have Rangers rolled over and let them do what they want?

They should be treated with the same disdain from the players that the fans feel towards them. In these games recently the only passion has come from the fans and it’s been severely lacking on the pitch.

It’s time for these players to stand up and be counted, it’s time to prove the media and the footballing world wrong. They aren’t unbeatable, they aren’t invincible, they’ve just wanted it more.

That is what has hurt the fans recently, the Rangers players haven’t came out with that fire in their belly, they haven’t came out ready to fight and give everything for the club. That’s where the criticism comes from, whoever wants it more is who, more often than not, wins these games.

What do Rangers need to do to stop them? They need to be relentless, give them zero respect and no time on the ball. The press needs to be high and organised, they aren’t used to playing against that. Every player that steps out on to that pitch today has to buy into this and it’s a game plan Michael Beale must adopt if he wants Rangers to get back on top.

No respect, no time to think, no doubting yourself, no coming away feeling ‘they just wanted it more’. Rangers fans won’t accept any of that this time round, it NEEDS to be different today.

The gap is the closest it’s been since Gerrard left and Rangers can close it even further but these players have a point to prove. Can they handle the heat? If they can’t, some of them will definitely be thrown out of the kitchen this summer.

Rangers need to show three key things today;

  • Desire
  • Determination
  • Passion

These players need to want it more than them, the quality is there but the players need to be at it mentally. That is where the game is won and lost, these fixtures are mostly mind games.

If Rangers start this game by showing them no respect and pressing high and often, there’s a chance they come away with the victory.

The title race may well be over but today presents an opportunity to close the gap and it’s one that must be taken.




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