Glen Kamara: Time To Move On?

Glen Kamara is an incredibly gifted footballer, one with some very unique talents but does that mean he’s perfect for Rangers? During the European run last year it would’ve been unfathomable to consider selling the Finnish international but Rangers are at a point where assets need to be sold to fund the summer squad refresh. So, despite Kamara’s talent, is he one which should be sold?

The fact is, when Rangers are underdogs or when teams play openly he thrives, given the space he can make things happen but you don’t get that luxury in the SPFL. The player who played so excellently in the EL run last term isn’t the same player you get nine out of ten times in the SPFL. His skill set just isn’t suited for Scottish football.

That is what makes him sellable. His European performances have surely caught the eye of teams around the continent and the rumoured Nice interest proves that. He is definitely a player who could thrive in either Italy or Spain as the play styles there are more suited to his game.

Let’s look at his season so far at Rangers, in eighteen SPFL appearances he has one goal and no assists but these kind of numbers have been consistent through his time at Ibrox. His passing is something which has never been questioned and the stats show why;

  • 89% Pass Accuracy
  • 92% Pass Accuracy in Own Half
  • 87% Pass Accuracy in Opposition Half
  • 1 Key Pass Per Game

A master at keeping the ball but this doesn’t always help Rangers progress up the pitch as he often takes the safe option. No assists from someone who isn’t considered to be a defensive minded midfielder is poor and it’s easy to see why Rangers fans get frustrated when looking purely at his numbers.

Defensively he isn’t outstanding but also isn’t terrible. Tackles and interceptions per game both sit at less than one although he does win 55% of his 1.7 ground duels per game.

Looking at the numbers, apart from passing, it’s difficult to tell what he does particularly well. That is when the eye test comes in, in those European nights last season he looked like a player capable of slotting into any midfield in the world. A stark contrast to the player that is seen at domestic level.

If he could provide those European performances domestically then this wouldn’t be a discussion, he would be completely indispensable. That is not the case however and in a summer where Rangers need change, the money he could bring in could help get another two or three bodies through the door.

What do you think of Glen Kamara? Would you be willing to sell and if so, what kind of price would you think is fair?

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