Antonio Colak: Should he be Rangers First Choice?

With Alfredo Morelos almost certainly leaving the club, the only other current fit striker is Antonio Colak. Signed for around £2m his stats are impressive and he was huge in helping Rangers qualify for the Champions League group stages. He’s failed to perform in any big game since then though.

One of the criticisms of Morelos is that he doesn’t convert enough chances due to inconsistent finishing, the same can’t be said for Colak. In 24 SPFL appearances his stats are;

  • 13 Goals
  • 1 Assist
  • 108 Minutes Per Goal
  • 17% Conversion Rate

Considering he’s only started 18 of the 24 games and averages 59 minutes per appearance those are solid numbers. Morelos hasn’t scored 13 SPFL goals since the 18/19 season for comparison.

Are the goals enough though? Sure his goals have been important to Rangers picking up points this season but he’s yet to get a goal against Celtic. He also didn’t manage a goal in the Champions League proper, although he can’t really be held that accountable for the latter considering how poor Rangers were in the competition. The point stands though, since August he hasn’t turned up when Rangers needed him most in the tougher fixtures.

Maybe that’s just what his role will be at the club though, a solid second or third option who will get goals against the smaller sides, similar to what Defoe provided in his time at Ibrox.

This highlights one of Rangers biggest needs in the summer transfer window, a proper first choice striker. Colak is a poacher where Morelos is more of an all rounder, so a combination of the two would be perfect, albeit probably way out of the clubs price range.

Do you think Antonio Colak is good enough to be a number one option for Rangers or is he destined to be the second/third choice throughout the rest of his spell?

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