An Emotional Ianis Hagi Goal That Could be The key to Getting Him Back to His Best

It’s fair to say when the shot from Ianis Hagi hit the back of the net, every Rangers fan was delighted for him. He’s been through a lot with his injury and was a player who had contributed so much in the past. Most probably weren’t expecting the reaction from him though. In what seemed like a burst of pure emotion, Hagi was reduced to tears while being surrounded by his team mates. It was a moment that was sure to put a lump in the throats of many Rangers fans watching on.

He had this to say in a post match interview with RTV ‘It is worth it – everything is worth it, considering the situation I was in 10-12 months ago, seeing myself now playing an kicking a ball with my mates and scoring goals, I can’t be more thankful than I am right now’. How could you not be delighted for him? He’s an incredibly talented footballer who suffered a horrendous injury and it would only be a positive for the club if he could get back to his previous levels.

He still didn’t look himself in the first half, he was a bit sluggish and his touch was off, which is highly unusual for a player of his quality. When the goal went in though, it all clicked back into place. All of a sudden, he wanted the ball more and looked much more confident with it. He started trying those more difficult passes and driving them through the lines. He was taking Hibs players on and beating them with ease. He even took it around two defenders before the third had to foul him to stop him.

One goal and he looked like his old self, it was beautiful to see. The reaction on Twitter to his goal was incredible from the fans. He must’ve been delighted reading through the comments after the game. The goal and the love from the fans are hopefully the boost of confidence the Romanian playmaker has been needing.

Many forget, he’s still only 24 years old. He has plenty left to give and plenty to offer Rangers. The season before his injury he had 18 goal contributions in 33 appearances (23 starts) as he helped Rangers win that famous 55th league title.

He has two games left his season to build on that second half performance. He needs the game time and he is looking more sharp and ready every game he plays.

There have been rumours of interest in him this summer, there always seems to be interest from somewhere in Ianis Hagi doesn’t there? If he can build on that bright 20 minute spell after his goal though, he deserves more time to show what he can do.

How did you feel when Hagi’s goal went in and you seen his reaction? Would you sell him in the summer or give him more time to prove he can get back to his levels of the 20/21 season?

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