A Reaction to Michael Beale’s Post-Match Comments

I was going to write about how awful and insipid that performance was. I thought that what happened on the pitch would be the most infuriating thing about today. Until Michael Beale spoke after the match.

Let’s break down some of his comments.

In response to a question from Heart & Hand asking Beale about losing another big game and if he knows he can’t just be judged from the summer, he responded with this;

The fans are going to be upset because we lost. I know it was a big game, for me as well personally. We know it isn’t good enough

Michael Beale

It’s always the same. The same comments after disappointing the fans, yet again. I don’t feel like he gets it, at all. Rangers Football Club are a way of life for the fans and going to the football is an escape for many.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who would die for Rangers. It’s more than a club, you can’t consistently let these loyal fans down and just say ‘we know it isn’t good enough’ every single time.

Then speaking to Rangers TV he said ‘we’ll have to go away and come back stronger in the coming months’ another sound bite that’s been on repeat every time the team let us down.


In his tenure so far, the only time we’ve come back stronger was winning the 3-0 OF at Ibrox, which now, means less than nothing. Michael Beale doesn’t get that he can’t just keep saying words with there being no action behind them.

As a fan, you listen to the Rangers manager. The fans hear every single word! So these speeches for the sake of it need to stop, I understand he can’t say nothing. If you can’t back up what you’re saying though, you’d be just as well keeping silent.

‘The disappointment of the week is so high that I’m going to need to go and have a right good look in the mirror and so are the players at what went wrong this week’

Is that it? Another complete and utter failure, the second in five days, but our ‘manager’ will go have a good look in the mirror so that’s ok. These are truly the comments of a man that doesn’t get what it means to be the Rangers manager. Does he still deserve to be the Rangers manager?

We, the fans, are currently watching a team with no discernible play style. A team full of new players who can’t get a start for one reason or another. A team that doesn’t look like they know what they’re doing, at all.

I don’t think Michael Beale will be sacked, yet. However, if the same team that played today turns up after the international break, he’ll need to be relieved of his duties sooner, rather than later.

Do you have faith that he can turn it around? Do you want him gone today? If he did leave, who would you replace him with?

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2 thoughts on “A Reaction to Michael Beale’s Post-Match Comments”

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  2. Beale and Bisgrove And Bennet thought manager ,,,,,never in a hundred years he the three amigos have done as much damage and set us back football wise as much as White. Green and all,the robbing bss did ,Rangers need a big consortium to take over ,as there need for leadership ,it’s not there Bennet has not got it as a chairman Bisgrove is a nonentity WE THE GLASGOW RANGERS are in danger of losing,the hard earned accolade the most successful team in the world, the dream that came reality from Struths time The managers and players who delivered WAS IT ALL IN VAIN TO BE LOST THROWN AWAY BY A BUNCH OF CHARLATONS ,
    Anyone with even half a brain can see TO ACT NOW ALAS I CAN ONLY SEE A BIG TAKE OVER OF CLUB WOULD BE THE IDEAL,ANSWER NO,USE BLAZER. WEARERS !!!! I’m a rangers man since. 1950

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